6 Hours of the Nürburgring 2017

The first Race of the WEC after Le Mans is over. It fell unfortunately on the first Weekend where we had grey weather on the Nürburgring this year. While we had a super quick Toyota on the front of the Grid.. we had a very slow Toyota #8 coming out of the formation Round. Fuelpump issues on the way out of the Pit should not be an issue at this level.

So with the "local" Boys ( Cologne is about 40 minutes away.. probably faster in the #7) being reduced to 1 Car in this 6 hour Sprint it was already a dramatic Race right from the Get Go.

While the 3 LMP1's battled it out on the Front at first the 2 Porsche took over after a couple of hours and it was clear that this was going to be a Duel for the Viotory... a Duel that ultimately found its end when the #1 Car from Lotterer was refueled to the max instead of the needed Splash & Dash quantity.

It was solved elegantly by Porsche without forcing any Driver to let someone pass for the Championship, yet everybody saw it. While many WEC Fans see the Le Mans Victory as the biggest achievement, the Factories are still highly competitve for the World Championship, thus this move is understandable as the #2 Car is in a much better Position to become the #1 Car of 2018.

In GTLM Pro the #92 Car lost it's pole Place right at the Start to the Aston Martin and the whole GT Field was bunched up for many Laps, which helped with interesting Group Pictures but prevented the Porsches to drive up in front and  put some Distance between themm and the competing Ferraris. The italian Middle-engined Racers took some time to warm up to the GP Track of the Nürburgring, but after 3 Pitstops they passed the Porsche Middle-engined "911" .. or are they more like a Cayman RSR.. for me a 911 is a rear-engined car

In the end the Ferrari was just too consistent and the Porsche contented themselves with the Podium.. and the Ford GT's with some points for 5th Place. The GT of Priaulx and Ticknell is still leading the Championship so we shall see what the Chip Ganassi Team will do in Fuji to ensure that Priaulx gets another World Championship Title.. and for once not with BMW

All in all it was a highly enjoyable Weekend with good Racing action.


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