Sunny September

GT Worldchallenge Nürburgring.. what a display of Lamborghini Power, Pole and then a flawless Race to the Victory, nothing that the other Brands could do as even in the first Stint the FFF Racing Car just pulled away from the chasing AMG's. When the best placed Audi with Haase and the GPX Porsche were out of the Race also, there was nothing that could prevent AMG to take the 2 other Steps on the Podium. You had to be perfect that day, but when Haupt and AKKA pro cars can't catch the Lambo even after SC phases, it just wasn't meant to be. But the Sun being out in September made it all more enjoyable ?
Sadly in 2022 we shall go to the Hockenheimring for the german part of the GT worldchallenge but I am sure the Nürburgring will be revisited by the SRO in the Future.

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