WEC 2015 Nürburgring

What a Weekend at my beloved Ring. Since the BPR in 1995 when the McLaren F1's and the Ferrari F40's were Stéphane Ratels first Magic Act.. I haven't seen so many People there. Except ofc during the 24 hours. But for a weekend event?


On Saturday my friends from the FHR series and the FIA Masters gathered their gems to show the large crowds what endurance Racing was all about in the 60ies and 70ies. Scuderia Colonia came with Chevron P16's and Porsche RSR's, Britec Motorsport's Felix Haas brought a BMW powered Lola and struggled to follow the Kremer K3 in the First Race.

But they found what the Issue was( Fuelpump) and won the 2nd Race Saturday evening in their known Manner.. being in front.. driving away .


The End of both Races was acclaimed by the very well visited Stands which was very nice as often we race with much less people :)  ( by the way if you want to see more of these oldies head to http://www.fhr-online.de for more dates... which coincide often with the http://www.youngtimer.de/ )



On Sunday then.. the Main event. WEC.. the LMP1, LMP2 and the GT cars on the GPtrack of the Nürburgring.


As I was at the Spa event i already knew what was waiting for me sound wise.. the Ferrari's being just a tad too much for my Ears.. and the Audi's being virtually silent.. but seeing it again was just impressive. The Race was on.. and it showed again why multi-class endurance Racing is the best Racing there is for the Spectators.


Lots.. and i mean lots of overtaking.. LMP1's vacuuming up the distances between GTPro's, AM's, corners, you name it..in class fights.. the Porsche/Ferrari fight that lasted a couple of hours was good fun from the outside.


Come to the WEC, Blancpain endurance Series or VLN on the Nürburgring.. you will be happy and satisfied with your experience on the stands.. I haven't found 5 minutes of boredom during the 6 hour Race.. there was always something happening.


In the End the Porsche guys did a 1/2 and my fellow germelgian ( german with a belgian heart) André Lotterer got in 3rd Place.. very hard earned points for the Championship. Let's see who will have the N°1 decal for Le Mans next year... It sure looks awesome on the Pictures :)





And here are the 2 Galleries from Sunday and Saturday... as the Porsche Engineers can't access Facebook @ Work and wanted to share my Pictures internally


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